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T-304 stainless steel offers excellent corrosion resistance and is often requested in special or unique uses related to farm, garden and agricultural use.

The woven wire mesh specifications featured here are popularly requested items that many users prefer in various farm, garden and agricultural applications. Keep in mind the list of items here is not exhaustive.

Should you not see your required specification here, please contact us to discuss your requirement or continue to browse other specifications in the mesh by material section of the website. Darby also offers custom manufacturing.
T-304 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh for Farm, Garden, and Agricultural Use
Unit of Measure

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Wire Diameter

Width of Opening

Construction Type

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1304.120IN N/A 1 in N/A 0.120 in N/A 0.880 in N/A Intercrimp/Lock
1-1/2"304.120IN N/A 1.5 in N/A 0.120 in N/A 1.380 in N/A Intercrimp/Lock
2304.063PL N/A N/A 0.063 in N/A 0.437 in N/A Plain
2304.063IN N/A N/A 0.063 in N/A 0.437 in N/A Intercrimp/Lock
4304.047PL N/A N/A 0.047 in N/A 0.203 in N/A Plain
4304.035PL N/A N/A 0.035 in N/A 0.215 in N/A Plain
8304.028PL N/A N/A 0.028 in N/A 0.097 in N/A Plain
20304.016PL N/A N/A 0.016 in N/A 0.034 in N/A Plain
Unit of Measure