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Stainless steel woven wire mesh, and in particular T-304 SS, can be used in fireplace screen applications. Some customers prefer stainless steel woven wire mesh for use as a fireplace screen because it offers a unique, industrial and modern look. Over the years, customers have told us that, especially in dark rooms, stainless steel, with its silver color, tends to brighten and liven up a room. Stainless steel woven wire mesh used in fireplace screen applications is strong and offers such a high level of corrosion resistance that, in most normal environments, it should last indefinitely.

Over the years, we at Darby have learned that customers for this type of mesh tend to be creative and experimental. Whether they use an oil-based solution, glass cleaner with vinegar, soap and water, chrome plating, electro-polishing, a heat torch, or other chemicals, the silver color of stainless Steel can be manipulated with some good old-fashioned elbow grease and research.

Darby's stainless steel woven wire mesh commonly used in fireplace screen applications is available in three different diameter wires: 0.028", 0.032" and 0.035" diameters.

0.028" is largely considered the standard and more popular, while the 0.032" and 0.035" are heavier, more rigid options. Selecting the appropriate diameter wire is an important decision when fabricating an entire fireplace screen unit. Usually, if a customer is looking to fasten, wrap or hinge this mesh to a frame, 0.028" diameter wire is a good choice because it is easier to work with. If, on the other hand, a customer is welding this mesh to a frame, either 0.032" or 0.035" diameters are a good choice, especially if extra rigidity is required.
Unit of Measure



N/A T-304 Stainless Steel


N/A 8

Wire Diameter

N/A 0.035 in

Piece Size

N/A 4 x 4 ft

Width of Opening

N/A 0.090 in

% of Open Area

N/A 51.84 %


N/A 0.668 lb/ft²

Other Popular Lengths for Spot Quote

N/A 25 ft50 ft100 ft

List Price

N/A $126.00

Additional Information

Additional Information

N/A For larger quantities of these wire mesh specifications, please contact us for a spot quote. Spot quotes allow us to provide you with the most competitive pricing, based on your required quantity. 25 ft, 50 ft and 100 ft Rolls represent the commonly purchased larger sized quantities. Quantity discounts are available for 3 or more 100 ft rolls.

The difference between T-304 stainless steel wire mesh and T-316 stainless steel wire mesh lies in the chemical composition of each alloy. T-316 SS contains 2.00% - 3.00% of molybdenum, which translates to a higher corrosion resistance particularly in marine or salt-water application. From an appearance standpoint however, both T-304 SS wire mesh and T-316 wire mesh are essentially identical.

Finally, there are a handful of different stainless steel woven wire mesh specifications that are not featured on this webpage, but may be used and have been used by customers in the past. Please contact us should you have a different specification in mind.

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