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  • Galvanized Hardware Cloth for Beekeeping

    Our beekeeping customers continually teach us about the intricacies of apiculture. Both galvanized wire mesh and, in particular, specialty hardware cloth are preferred items due to the various opening sizes these mesh specifications provide.

    The information presented should be use as guidance only - and not a recommendation to purchase specific items. As always, our customers come from across the United States, and options tend to vary based on other variables.

    A long time beekeeper recently shared this information with us:

    Galvanized 4 Mesh allows workers, drones and queens to pass. This is commonly used as a mouse guard.

    Galvanized 5 Mesh allows workers to pass, but both drones and queens will not pass. It is commonly used for pollen trap entrances.

                                                            Galvanized 6 Mesh allows some workers to pass but they are likely to lose some of their pollen loads.

                                                            Galvanized 7 Mesh typically covers the pollen collection drawer.

                                                            Galvanized 8 Mesh is ideal for screen bottom boards, screened inner covers, double-screened boards, moving screens and screen ventilation ports. It keeps out bees, wasps, hornets, and other small animals.

    The items featured are popular and common among the apiary industry. If you do not see your exact specification here, please continue to navigate our website and contact us with your questions.

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