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In the wire mesh industry, plain steel – or carbon steel, as it sometimes referred to—is a very popular metal that is commonly manufactured in both woven and welded wire mesh specifications. It is comprised primarily of iron (Fe) with a small amount of carbon (C). It is a relatively low cost option that is versatile and widespread in its use.

Plain steel wire mesh, whether it is available from stock or custom manufactured, is strong, durable and magnetic. Oftentimes, it is dark in color, particularly when compared to bright aluminum or stainless steel meshes. Plain steel does not resist corrosion and will rust in most atmospheric conditions; because of this, in certain industries, plain steel wire mesh is a disposable item.

Unit of Measure



N/A Plain Steel


N/A 50

Wire Diameter

N/A 0.0085 in

Width of Opening

N/A 0.012 in

Construction Type

N/A Plain

% of Open Area

N/A 33.06 %


N/A 0.251 lb/ft²

Additional Information

Additional Information


There are times when certain users will opt to coat a plain steel welded or woven wire mesh. This is normally considered an after-market process as there are dozens of coating options, including galvanizing, PVC or powder coating, and special paints and coatings.

The items listed on this website represent many of the most requested specifications of plain steel mesh. These items are available from stock or can be custom manufactured. Should you not see your preferred specification, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Popular Industries and Applications

Popular Industries and Applications

  • Caging & enclosures
  • Infill panels
  • Separation & filtration
  • Window guards
  • Shaker screens
  • Cabinets & wine lockers
  • Grill & radiator covers
  • Farm & agricultural use
  • Oil strainers
  • Filtration discs
  • Fireplace screen
  • Furniture use
  • Architectural applications
  • Machine & equipment guards
  • Hydraulic & fuel industries
  • Fan guards
  • Decorative use
  • Mining industry
  • Heat treating
  • Building & construction
  • Coal industry
  • Artistic applications
  • Wall coverings
  • Security & prison

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