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Both commonly stocked items and custom manufactured specifications of wire mesh are often used in a wide array of decorative applications, including but not limited to: signage, cabinetry, automotive grills, radiator covers, lighting fixtures and room dividers.

Using mesh for decorative purposes - no matter the specific use - is subjective and largely dependent upon the user's preference and vision. We encourage individuals to spend time searching our website to gain a larger understanding of the wire mesh world. We also recommend visiting other design-related websites to find inspiration and explore the endless possibilities of using mesh in decorative applications.

Of course, material selection is very important - it is important to know what specific material or alloy will work best for a unique application. Secondly, determining the mesh, or opening size, is also critical.

Featured here, please find some of the more versatile and commonly requested wire mesh specifications used in a wide range of decorative applications. As a general guideline, stainless steel meshes are popular for automotive grills. Copper, brass and bronze are popular for cabinetry. Plain steel, stainless steel and copper are popular for radiators covers and similar applications. Signage, light fixtures, room dividers and other similar uses tend to employ almost all mesh options.

Darby also routinely provides custom manufactured wire mesh for special decorative applications. Please contact us with any of your requirements, as the items featured below are by no mean exhaustive.
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Item #

Item Name


Wire Diameter

Width of Opening

Weave/Crimp Type

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2AL.063IN N/A Aluminum Wire Mesh - 2 x 2 Mesh, 0.063" Diameter Wire N/A 2 N/A 0.063 in N/A 0.437 in N/A Intercrimp/Lock Add to Cart
4AL.047PL N/A Aluminum Wire Mesh - 4 x 4 Mesh, 0.047" Diameter Wire N/A 4 N/A 0.047 in N/A 0.203 in N/A Plain Add to Cart
40AL.010PL N/A Aluminum Wire Mesh - 40 x 40 Mesh, 0.010" Diameter Wire N/A 40 N/A 0.010 in N/A 0.015 in N/A Plain Add to Cart
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